About us

GIES 2018

Date: 22-25 November 2018

Venue: Hall 1A & 1B Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Following the success of the 1st edition, GIES will continue in 2018 showcasing local and foreign innovation products and ideas; to engage stakeholders to meet, to have dialogues and to be stimulated; and be the multi-stakeholders, multi-disciplinary platform for continuous collaboration. We shall feature Smart, Livable Home; Quality Caregiving, Quality Food, Smart Mobility Enablers, Integrated Health and Social Care Services; and with the transformation to digital culture, we shall see how Cloud, Internet of Things and technology in general enables social inclusion and integration to provide better support for the growing elderly people cohort in meeting their daily needs.

GIES is particularly relevant to companies and institutions specializing in:

  • R&D in the field of gerontechnology;
  • product design and manufacturing of elderly care appliances and devices;
  • healthcare and elderly care services; and
  • provisioning of smart housing.


Participating companies and institutions will have numerous benefits conducive to their planning of future business endeavours, including:

  • gaining valuable insights of HKSAR’s commitment and ongoing initiatives supporting technological application and innovation to promote active ageing;
  • acquiring first-hand understanding of the developments and trends of the local silver market through direct engagement with stakeholders and users;
  • achieving good exposure of and market opportunities to the booming local silver market; and
  • building business network with local and international participants and attendees for future business collaboration and opportunities.


Attendees’ Profile

Targeted and mass publicity and promotion of GIES through conventional and new media will be launched from now till the run-up of the event. We expect to attract enthusiastic interest and participation in the event from stakeholders and members of the public. Admission to the event is free.

Target attendees will include:

  • researchers, technologists and academia;
  • medical and paramedical practitioners;
  • engineers, technicians and corporate representatives;
  • government officials;
  • NGOs service operators and private service operators;
  • social entrepreneurs;
  • educators and youth groups;
  • age-friendly city ambassadors;
  • worker association and unions;
  • public and private funding, investment and finances organizations; and
  • senior citizens and their caregivers.


There will be guided tours for special needs groups (ethnic minorities with interpretation service or sign language for hearing impaired persons) provided.


Why Hong Kong

In the heart of enterprising Asia, Hong Kong is a stable, business-friendly and cosmopolitan city; a dynamic city with strong growth prospects; a vital hub for budding economies within the region; a great regional base for expansion across Asia; and a gateway to opportunities in Mainland China. Hong Kong is lucky to be one of the places enjoying the longest life expectancy in the world. In the next 20 years, the elderly population will grow to 31%, the demand for all things elderly will grow substantially.